Wortmarke Onder Ons

Your Cottage

Your cottage in Zierow on the Baltic coast

The holiday residence "Onder Ons" was built in 2008 and is situated on an ample natural estate of 1700 square-meters in the nice Mecklenburg village of Zierow, between the pond at the hamlets’ centre and the Baltic Sea. The old manor and the lime tree alley mark the villages’ character, as well as the old thatched farm houses.

Behind "Onder Ons" a footpath leads through the oak- and beech-tree wood, following the salt meadows to the Baltic Sea in a distance of 300 meters. The natural beach, gently sloping to the waters of the Eggers Wiek, is guarded during the summer months, which makes it a perfect place for the youngest among us.

"Onder Ons" is built in the Nordic style. Its timber structure is entirely visible in the interior and gives the cottage a warm and friendly atmosphere. The fresh design in vivid colours and the light-coloured wooden furniture give you a holiday-feeling immediately.

If for the recreative summer-holiday in pair, or the family-holiday, if for an activity stay with aqua sports, for fishing, for hiking, or if following the traces of culture and ancient history of the old cities of the Hanseatic league … if for watching the bird migration, the pure countryside nature, or for savouring a crimson sunset over the bay of Wismar at the eve of St. Sylvester with your best friends:
"Onder Ons" welcomes you!